Meet My Chicken Monday

Thank you so much to David Hancock from Hancock Family Farms in La Plata, Maryland for sharing their chickens with us today.

They raise a bunch of different livestock on the farm.  And of course they have lots of chickens.

They love listening to WFLS at the farm too!  Thanks for keeping your dial on 93.3!

I wonder how the animals like country music?  I hear chickens love music.  They probably don’t like the song “Chicken Fried” though.  haha

How cute is this little farmer with her chickens?

David sells the eggs that the chickens lay in their farm store.  I’m going to have to go visit this farm one day.

Thank you so much Hancock Family Farm!

Do you have chickens or know someone who does?

WFLS loves your feathered babies and they can be featured too!

Send your chicken pictures with their names and descriptions to [email protected] so you can be featured at, Facebook and on the air at 93.3, WFLS.

*If you’ve already submitted pictures of your chickens and want to send some new ones please do so.  There’s no limit on how many times you can be featured.

**Have you missed a “Meet My Chicken Monday” post?  Then click here to find a past post.

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