Thank you so much to Bonnie for sharing her exotic chickens, I mean peacocks with us today.

Bonnie has 4 peacocks.  2 female and 2 male.  She also has little pea-babies. They are named Dave, Hillary and Charles AKA Lady Antebellum. Love it!

Absolutely stunning!

Thanks again to Bonnie for sharing her peafowl with us.  They are beautiful.  I’ve always liked Peacocks.

We love your feathered babies and they can be featured too!

Send your chicken pictures with their names and descriptions to [email protected]

*If you’ve already submitted pictures of your chickens and want to send some new ones please do.  There’s no limit on how many times you can be featured.  🙂

**Have you missed a “Meet My Chicken Monday” post?  Then click here to find a past post.

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****Buttercup is part of the “Bawkchelor” and she needs you to like her picture so she gets a rose in the next round.  She’s trying to win the heart of Aussie James Bawk!  🙂

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