If you follow chickens on social media then I know you know Sammi Chicken.  She’s one of my favorites!  And I had the pleasure of meeting her and her dad Dave.  They came to the studio for a quick visit on Friday with me.

They were in DC this past weekend exploring and are back here this morning in the studio.

Sammi Chicken and Dave were given some WFLS Swag and my chickens insisted Sammi get a jar of peanuts.  She loved them and tried pecking the jar to get some.  She knows they are for her.

Sammi doesn’t like it but she wore a chicken diaper just in case.  We don’t need any accidents in the brand new WFLS studio now do we.  haha

Sammi was a pro and got right next to the mic.  (This is Jessica’s microphone.  Jessica was glad to let Sammi use her mic.  And no worries Jess.  I did clorox wipe the counters down).  haha

Sammi is such a pretty chicken.  She nibbled on snacks and had water when she wasn’t cooing on the mic.  She is a Rhode Island Red for those wondering.

Sammi had to check to make sure she was looking good.

Sammi Chicken busied out the phones and took a little nap.  She seems real cozy hanging out in the studio.

She also did some exploring because why not.

Sammi close-up!

Such great guests.  Please visit anytime but just make sure you have that diaper on.

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I rolled tape and did some edits so you can hear everything we discussed some of which we didn’t air because of timing.  Listen to the entire interview here.

Thank you Dave and Sammi Chicken for visiting us!

Just thinking…Do you think I need a Chicken Podcast?  Is this something you would listen to?

WFLS loves your feathered babies and they can be featured too!

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*If you’ve already submitted pictures of your chickens and want to send some new ones please do.  There’s no limit on how many times you can be featured.

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