Merry Christmas.  And welcome …to February!

Does anyone else get in trouble for taking down the Christmas lights?  I always shoot for taking down the Christmas lights on New Year’s Day or close to that.  This year, you may recall the weather wasn’t so good around that time so I waited a while.  My wife was delighted and was loudly disappointed when I took them down around January 15th or so.

She loved the little decorated evergreens in our yard.  For weeks before and weeks after Christmas, I got an ear-full about when to put them up and about “not taking the lights down yet”.  When I did finally take them down, she said it was dark when she was attending to the horses.  (Stretch much?)   This week, I noticed the Christmas horse decoration was still on the front door.  When I asked where the other (non-Christmas) horse head was, she had no idea.  It finally showed up today.

Regular Horse

While it is fun to joke about the appropriate time to put up and take down Christmas decorations, it is funny to see how thrilled she gets when you can see our fully decorated trees from space.  I tend to go overboard on the lights.  But now, no one says Merry Christmas when we open the front door because the Christmas wreath horse has been swapped out for the regular version.

Do you have neighbors who still have Christmas lights on the house?  Are you that neighbor?  I applaud the people who not only have the lights still up, but they light them up every night.  If you’re going to leave them up, you might as well light ’em up and celebrate.   You rebel you!   By they way, do you know when the correct time is to put up and take down your lights and decorations?  Whenever you want.  So don’t let anyone tell you different.

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