Becoming Porch Pirates

Before you judge, hear us out!

So over the weekend, my fi​ancé decided to put in a grocery deliver order for our new home. He didn’t want to leave the house and I was asleep and he has done this before. So next thing you know, I am sitting on the couch watching TV when he comes downstairs and looks outside our front door and immediately says “oh no”! I looked at him and said what’s wrong and he has this shocked look on his face.

He proceeds to tell me that he had put in an order for groceries and was alerted that the groceries were delivered but they weren’t on our front porch. So I asked where the groceries were and he informed me that he accidentally sent them to his old address. Insert head smack here. We have not lived in his old house in over a month and new owners are over there. So he said, what do we do and I said let’s go get our groceries.

So we head out and thankfully his old place is like five minutes from our new house. When we show up at the old place, there they are. The groceries sitting right on the front porch in front of the door and just delivered. So what happened next? Well, my fi​ancé proceeded to ask me what do we do? Do we knock on the door and tell them we are grabbing our groceries or just grab them and go. They did have a google door camera by the way. I said, well if no one has come to the door to get them yet, we might as well just grab the groceries and go, especially since they are ours anyways and we weren’t supposed to meet the buyers of the old home. So that’s what we did.

We ran up the steps, grabbed the groceries, threw them in the truck and sped off. Felt like we really were committing a crime BUT they were the groceries we paid for. So here’s a question for you… what would you have done? Left the groceries and get new ones? Porch pirate it? Knock on the door and let the new owners know you are taking the groceries?

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