My New Obsession… Doorbell Cameras

Anybody else obsessed with their doorbell camera’s? I can’t be the only one!

Backstory: So recently, I moved into a new home with my fiancé and my roommate. And I am talking about a home, home. Not an apartment. This is the first time in close to seven years that I have lived in a stand alone home. The perks? Way more space and rooms so you don’t feel confined to one area, saving money, able to hang pictures and paint the walls! The cons? No one to do your yardwork for you, trash pick up or a pool (let’s be honest, I still have Brandon to do the first two things).

So win some and lose some but the best thing about having my own home? The doorbell cameras! I am serious. Look, I used to make fun of my dad or Brandon when they would obsessively watch back the video history on their doorbell cameras constantly throughout the day. I would tell them there is nothing that interesting happening around the home for them to keep looking and that it was kind of like creepy stalking.

Well, I guess call me the creepy one now. Ever since we hooked up the Google Doorbell cameras to our new home and I have access to the video footage… I CAN’T STOP WATCHING AND CHECKING! Literally, it’s become my favorite reality show of the day! I check the cameras and the history when I wake up, when I get to work, anytime a person passes in front of the camera, when I go to sleep. Okay, yes I know I have a problem but I just can’t stop. Its a fascinating hobby and whether that makes it right or wrong doesn’t matter at this point because the damage has been done.

So, I would like to formally apologize to Brandon, my Dad and anyone else I have made fun of for being obsessed with their doorbell cameras. I understand now and you keep doing you.

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