My Wife is a Porch Pirate!

A while back, I ordered two items from WeatherTech.  I really like their stuff and wanted to get some handy items my wife can use.  For one, it’s a lot easer to get in and out of the bed of her F-250 pickup with the Bump Step they offer.  It plugs right into a standard trailer hitch and you’ve got an easy step into the back of this gynormous pickup she uses to pull around a horse trailer.   When it arrived, I was disappointed to see the box that said BUMP STEP on the outside.  THERE GOES THE SURPRISE but no big deal.  The box was pretty big so I assumed both gifts were in this one box since I’d bought another item.

Pirate 1

When opening gifts on Christmas eve, there was no Cup Phone unit in the box.  She was fine with it but I was crushed.  How could it NOT be there?!!!   I contacted WeatherTech to express my disappointment and to see if they could track down where the cup/phone holder might be.   They politely sent back a photo that indisputably shows the box for a WeatherTech Cup Phone on MY driveway.

Pirate 2

Where do we go from here?  Well let’s look at what might have happened.  Someone was walking by and saw the WeatherTech box and swiped it.  That’s pretty unlikely since our driveway is more than 800 feet long and goes way out into the woods.  No one just “walks by” out here.  It was a neighbor!  No.  They’re really nice, haven’t been to my house in a while and wouldn’t swipe something even if they had come over.

Maybe the delivery guy took it.   We’ve all seen videos of drivers throwing packages onto the porch from 25 yards away but I’ve never seen a driver from UPS, USPS, Amazon, Fed Ex or a half dozen others swipe a package.  Not once.  Now my wife said, “I wonder if I picked that up with some other stuff and put it somewhere“.   ‘Ya THINK?!!!   Uh, I’m wondering that too.  I don’t have a photo of my wife or anyone else running off with this little box so I’m hoping it turns up.  I’m just glad I didn’t take an accusing tone with WeatherTech.  They could have shut that down when they easily shot back the visual proof that it made it to our house.

I’m sure we’ll find it  Just not sure where it is now.  Have you had a package vanish at your place?  I’d love to hear your story.

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