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When I was a kid and my dad, the Machine Design Engineer would make me help out with projects.  I was always mad.  I wanted to go play basketball, ride my bike or do almost anything else.  But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I was learning stuff that would help later.   My wife bought these shelves a while back because we need some more storage space.  This would cost a lot to have someone else install them so, DIY boy here is back in the game. Thankfully, the instructions were easy and these shelves are very well designed.  They hold a LOT by volume and weight.


And yes, I did learn little things like how to use lag screws when anchoring something.  How to use a stud finder and all of the other tools that go along with something like this.  Though I have to say, I used a stud finder but I always use the caveman method too of knocking on the drywall to see if there’s a stud behind the sheetrock.  In this case, there wasn’t.  Not that you care, but if you look – one of the pieces of mounting hardware on the ceiling (center front) goes the other way.  The others are all secured about 16 inches apart but where that one piece needed to go, there was NO ceiling joist to drill into.  It was drywall and a gap.  So, luckily space-wise, it worked out to have all of the mounts attached with one going to opposite direction.

I have a friend who put up a garage door opener and though he’s one of the smartest people I know, he drilled into the drywall on the ceiling and that’s it.  The opener came crashing down on his wife’s car after just a few days.

Screw & Screwdriver with blurred wood background with space for copy

I’m not the paid spokesmodel for these shelves so just know, this isn’t an advertisement but the shelves are great.  They’re adjustable to fit the height you need and they’re made with grates that can be removed or slid for easy access.  As a DIY nut, I’d like to see what you’ve done so share below if you can.  More to come.  My wife has a long list of project for me to do.

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