Not Actual Size

Back in November, I noticed my wife admiring these underwater seascape things on her computer.  They looked really cool, so – being the smart husband I am, I took note of the name of the item and went on my own little search. I found them with ease and put in my order.   I really liked the detail work of the divers, turtles and more so in no time I had put in my order.


Way before Christmas, I got a note from the supplier that my order had been shipped.  Wow.  I was impressed.  Christmas was weeks away and the seascape desk light thing was on its way.  Then, about 10 days before Christmas, I got a heartfelt apology note from someone about a snag at the factory and a lengthy explanation.  But I disregarded the note because mine had already been shipped.  Well, not so fast.


Christmas came and went with no package.  Luckily I had a few photos from my online search to share with my wife as I told her the seascape was on its way but stalled somewhere.  About two weeks later, the box actually showed up.  When I went to get the box from the porch, there was nothing there.  It had been …mailed.  Really?  How did they mail this seascape desk light?  Well, looking at these seascape lights online, I was sure they were the size of a basketball.  …They’re not.

Seascape Actual Size

After getting over the shock of how tiny this thing is, she started to enjoy it.  The dollar is in the picture just to show how small this light is.  The detail work is really impressive and it does come with a remote and the light does change from blue to green to yellow and red.  (The red is a little creepy.  ‘Looks like there’s been a shark attack).   While I was disappointed at the late delivery and puzzled by the apology letter, at least it finally made it here.


Have you had something show up that was different than you expected when you ordered?  ‘Love to hear your story.

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