Parental Tricks: Brilliant, Evil, or Both?

Alright, parents, what’s the sneakiest thing you’ve done to get your kids to do what you want?

We’re talking little white lies, maybe even beige ones. These are some of the best (or worst) unethical hacks shared online:

  1. Changing the Clock: It’s 7:15, but you set it to 8:00 and say, “Oh, it’s bedtime!”
  2. Ice Cream Truck Trick: Telling them, “When the ice cream truck plays music, it means it’s out of ice cream.”
  3. Reading Hack: One parent got their kid to read more by turning on TV subtitles. Their kid improved four reading levels during COVID.
  4. Fake Allergy: Someone’s parents told them they were allergic to alcohol. They confessed on their 18th birthday that they just didn’t want them drinking in high school.
  5. Purple Tongue: Saying, “Your tongue turns purple when you lie.” If they hesitate when you ask to see their tongue, you know they’re lying.
  6. Battery Fib: When batteries in an annoying toy die, tell them those batteries aren’t made anymore.

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