Pizza…By The Yard!

Little Caesars is set to introduce a novel approach to slicing their pizza reminiscent of burlap patterns found at JoAnn Fabrics.

They are currently experimenting with a new pizza concept, to be marketed as “by the yard,” featuring an elongated shape rather than the traditional circular or square form.

One variant of this innovative pizza showcases a full yard of Detroit-Style Deep Dish, comprising eight slices of “Three-Meat Treat” and eight slices of Pepperoni. The slices will be arranged end-to-end, extending to a length of one yard, equivalent to three feet or 36 inches.

Initially, this unique pizza offering is only accessible in specific locations in Virginia and North Carolina. Depending on its reception, there are plans to expand its availability nationwide. The cost for this yard-long pizza is set at $20.

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