Pohanka celebrates its 100th Anniversary and donates $1 million to charity.

Happy Anniversary to Pohanka, celebrating their 100th Anniversary.  They have pledged to make a $1 million donation to charities this year.  Ray O’Bryhim, General Manager and Managing Partner from Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg is the “In The Community” guest this week to talk all about it.  Click on “In The Community” under shows at wfls.com.





Win Brad Paisley tickets all week at 7:20 am. It’s Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon week! I may not ride, but I can pretend. Thank you Scott from “Hog Snout.” Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg wishes they had this one on their lot! Today we celebrate National Audubon Day with pictures Steve took in his backyard. Look who won $1,000! Brittany won Steve and Jessica’s Cash!