Popular Scents You Might Find Repulsive

What’s a “good” smell that you can’t stand? Popular answers include potpourri, fresh-cut grass, eggs, truffles, new car smell, and coffee.

But for fun…let’s flip it around. What’s a “good” smell that most people love, but you hate? Here are the top answers from the internet:

  1. Coffee: A surprising number of people said they just don’t get the appeal.
  2. Perfume or cologne: Especially when there’s too much of it.
  3. Potpourri: Or those cinnamon pinecones people put out for the holidays.
  4. Parmesan cheese: Someone said it smells like vomit.
  5. Lavender: This one’s tough because it’s used in a lot of products now.
  6. Fresh-cut grass: Some said they’re allergic, while others just think it smells gross.
  7. Cooked eggs: They said it smells like you made breakfast and farted the whole time.
  8. Bathroom air fresheners: A lot of people said fake fruit smells in general.
  9. Truffles: You either love them or hate them.
  10. New car smell: It gives a lot of people a headache.

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