I’m not someone who is on a campaign to get everyone to help Save the Planet but I really want to do my part.  I’ve visited city dumps enough to know it would help for all of us to do better.  Everyone on earth (and EARTH itself) hates those little plastic grocery bags.   You may have been CHARGED for using plastic or paper bags lately.  So years ago, I saw these boxes for sale at an Albertson’s grocery store.  Do Albertson’s still exist?   We bought a couple and put them to use. 

Some checkers get a kick out of them.  Some look puzzled like I’ve handed them a pillow case to put my groceries in.  A few have asked, “What’s this for?”   Others have put groceries in the reusable bags and then put those in the box.  These bins are handy and very easy to unload when you get home.  After more than a decade of use, they are getting worn out so after looking around for replacements and finding none, my wife did a search on Ebay and found some for sale …for over $200?   …It’s a BOX!   I thought I might just patch these up with packing tape.  

We asked people at several grocery stores if they had similar boxes but came up empty.  But this week, we found these at Costco.  This isn’t an advertisement for grocery bins. I’m just sharing info in case you’ve been looking for some too.

They hold a bunch of stuff.  Bottles ride upright, stuff stays where you put it and when you’re finished, the whole thing collapses back to a stackable form that’s about 2 inches thick.  

I’m not sure who was selling the cardboard grocery boxes on Ebay for $200 but I may offer to sell these to him for $150.  Those nasty little plastic bags are showing up in the ocean by the millions so you might want to try these as an easy alternative that works better than any plastic bag.  You may also have fun handing them to a checkout person on your next trip to the grocery store.  Don’t say anything and just sit back and enjoy the puzzled look.  I think these little bins are about $10 but for ease of use …and the entertainment value, it may be worth it. 

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