Record Attempt Fails: Too Many Dinosaurs!

In Canada, an attempt to break the record for the highest number of people dressed as dinosaurs fell short due to an unexpected turnout. While the existing record stands at 252 participants, it’s believed that around 6,000 individuals showed up for the event! That should have gotten it done right?  Unfortunately, authorities were unprepared for such a massive influx and consequently failed to conduct an official count.

The official count hinged on distributing wristbands, but with only 3,000 on hand, it posed a challenge. Initially deemed sufficient, the plan unraveled as many wristband-clad T-rexes left early. To secure the record, everyone had to stay put for a full minute, a task the assembly regrettably couldn’t accomplish.

So, they had the record…they just couldn’t have the record.

The tourist board announced the sad news on Facebook but said don’t worry. They’re making it an annual thing and say they’ll be fully prepared next year.


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