“Ricky the Elf” Brings “Pawsitivity”

Whoever had a principal this cool? I know I didn’t and I am totally jealous of the kids at Rocky Road Elementary School in Stafford, VA.

Talk about bringing a little Christmas cheer on the last week of school to the students and community! Principal Nick Roman of Rocky Road Elementary School, AKA St. Nick, has a lot of names among his students, teachers and the community. The kids and parents like to call him St. Nick during the holiday season of course because of Santa Claus and also his namesake of “Nick”. But during the last week of school before holiday break- the students, parents and community of Rocky Road Elementary have another name for Principal Roman…


That’s right, for the past three years, Principal Roman has become a real, live elf on the shelf for the last 5 days of the school year before holiday break. What I mean by this is, Principal Roman dresses up as an elf on the shelf and stands outside for an hour during school drop off from 7:30 am to 8:30 am frozen in place in different circumstances. Everything from holding a radar gun for the Stafford’s Sherriff Department to grilling food to painting a rock~ check out the examples below!

In fact, community members show up at the school who don’t have kids or don’t go to that school during drop off time just to see what “Ricky the Elf” is up to now. Not only does Principal Roman do this, in the freezing cold mind you, to bring Christmas cheer every morning to the students and faculty but he also has a message behind his actions. Parents Ashley Havecker & Kelly Blumenthal have shared with us that their school mascot is the Bulldog and this year the message from the principal is to “STAY PAWSITIVE” – especially with all the negativity happening in the world and “Ricky the Elf” is a good reminder of this positivity that you can find in every day life and to spread the positivity and cheer with others.

I think this is such a creative way to spread holiday cheer and I commend Principal Roman for being so dedicated to the role- especially in the cold! If you want to see some of his photos over the past few years- check out the Rocky Run Elementary Schools PTO Facebook page.

Keep up the good work Ricky! Happy Holidays!

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