Road Trip Alert!

Okay hear me out on this one.

If you’re looking for a fun road trip this summer, a new attraction just opened in the small town of Williams, Arizona on Route 66. Most people who visit are on their way to the Grand Canyon.  It’s about 60 miles south of it.  But now, there is an extra stop to make.

The world’s largest POOP museum just opened in downtown Williams.  Specifically, fossilized dinosaur poop. They’ve got around 8,000 pieces in their collection, including the largest ever found a two-foot-long that they think belonged to a T-rex.

The museum is free.  So if you’re passing through Williams, it won’t cost you anything.  Just getting a picture in front is reason enough to stop, because it’s got the perfect name. The guy who opened it named it The Poozeum. The perfect roadside attraction to break up your road trip!

You are welcome.


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