Safest Colors For Kid’s Swimsuits

A similar warning circulated last summer, but it’s important to reiterate this message . . .

When shopping for a new bathing suit, avoid light blue and light green, especially for kids’ swimwear.

Alive Solutions conducted two studies in a lake and a swimming pool, and these colors were the hardest to see in the water. White was also difficult to spot.

This is crucial because it makes it harder to keep an eye on your kids, and lifeguards also find these colors the most challenging to see.

The study tested 14 different colors, and neons proved to be the best. In a pool, neon pink and neon orange were the most visible. For lakes or the ocean, neon orange stood out, but neon pink was less effective.

So, when buying a new suit for your child, bright orange is an excellent choice overall!

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