Shake Off Old Wisdom- Not All Advice Holds Up

A website compiled a roster of conventional advice urging people to abandon certain practices deemed antiquated. The suggestion is that we discard them due to their outdated nature or our evolving understanding.

Here’s a glimpse:

  1. “Never sleep on an argument.” While it’s theorized to prevent further discord when tempers are high, sometimes a fresh perspective doesn’t necessarily resolve underlying issues.
  2. “Persistence pays off.” While admirable, sometimes recognizing futility is the wiser path.
  3. “Just ignore bullies.” Ignoring them doesn’t often halt their actions; addressing the issue head-on might be more effective.
  4. “Follow your passion, money will follow.” While enticing, this can be a risky gamble without a strategic plan. Passion alone doesn’t always pay the bills.
  5. “Grin and bear it.” Enduring isn’t always the solution; self-care and reflection may prove more fruitful.
  6. “Forgive and forget.” Perhaps it’s better as “forgive, but don’t forget,” as patterns of behavior often persist.
  7. “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” While idealistic, it may open one to exploitation. Some advocate reciprocating based on how one is treated.
  8. “Trust your instincts.” While empowering, it’s not universal; anxiety and biases can cloud judgment. One’s gut isn’t always the most reliable compass.

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