Soap Box Derby in Stafford with WFLS
Soap Box Derby in Stafford

I wish my little home town would have had a Soap Box Derby when I was a kid.  This looks like SO much fun.  Welcome to RACE DAY for the Soap Box Derby at Rocky Run Elementary School in Stafford.

It’s all down hill from hereI think the parents put some work into these derby racers with the kids but the proud moment when they hit the course makes it all worth it.   


The cool paint jobs make your Soap Box Derby car faster by the way.

Starting Block

Red cars get pulled over by the police because they look fast.

It’s Official Now

It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off an event like this.  If you look at the pavement, it looks like someone has been doing burnouts but this is where they hit the brakes to stop.

The Anticipation

The drivers and parents are full of anticipation here at the starting line.


This is how a love of racing gets started.  For me it was go-karts.  I wonder how many Indy 500 drivers started out like this.  I’ll bet is was a bunch.

“Mine is faster!”

I should have brought a can of WD-40.

I feel fast

Somebody say GO!   I got this.

Race Day is fun

A spot in the shade on race day.  How cool is this?  The fans are happy.  

This is the pits

Welcome to Virginia kids.  You’ll be stuck in traffic for the rest of your life.

The work that goes into making these race cars can be as much fun as racing them.

Soap Box Derby


The more aerodynamic rides have a lid that closes once the driver is in place.  Just a helmet sticking out of the top.  Then you are race-ready.


Then we stay low and go fast.  


Barreling down the track.   Powered by gravity.

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