Splitting Up? Not Without A Registry!

You ready for this? Brace yourself for the latest trend: online registries for…DIVORCE. Yeah, it’s a thing.

Here’s the idea behind it: when people split up they often find themselves in a financial pickle, left with only half their belongings – the essentials like appliances, tools, and even the odd couch or two. Some folks are all for it, claiming it’s a stroke of genius. They argue it’s way more practical than showering newlyweds with stuff they might already have two of, like coffee makers or sofas from past lives.

But not everyone’s raising their glasses to this trend. Oh no, some are staunchly opposed. They’re like, “Hey, we’ve already been through the marriage, the pregnancies, and if it all goes south, that’s what spousal support’s for!” The mentality (which I kind of share) is, “You break it, you buy it!”

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