Steve & Tiffany’s “YAY” Or “NAY”:  Will The Handshake Ever Come Back?

Steve and Tiffany need some help from YOU! It’s time to introduce Steve & Tiffany’s “YAY” or “NAY”. Here is what is going down. Steve and Tiffany want to poll the people to find out their opinions on the “hot topic” at hand. Let’s be clear these are all in good fun and in the end there is no real winner but rather we want to leave you with a little thought nugget.

So will you join us for a little fun? Let’s get started. This week our “hot topic” is….

Will the handshake ever come back post COVID?

Are you for or against them? Vote below to let us know and make sure to listen up to Steve & Tiffany in the Morning to hear the consensus

Steve & Tiffany's "Yay or Nay"

    Steve & Tiffany want YOUR opinion. Time to weigh in, are you a "YAY" or "NAY" person? Vote now!


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