The “Snackle” Box

Perfect for all outdoor adventures!

Have you seen TikTok’s “snackle box” trend? Well, the idea actually went viral a few years ago, and it’s back in the news after Fox News reposted an old video.

So, what’s a snackle box? A tackle box full of snacks! Here’s why its genius. The idea is it’s portable and has built-in dividers.  So you can put all kinds of snacks in there, and they won’t mingle for those of us who don’t like our food to touch.

Here’s the thing, ever since the trend started companies began selling legit snackle boxes now on Amazon and other sites.  But you can also just buy a regular tackle box and fill it with food or go straight to the source and empty out your dad’s tackle box, CLEAN IT, and then add some snackies.

Snack problem solved!

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