Take A Trip To The Edge Of Space

Let’s be honest, so many types of Oreos exist, we stopped caring. However if you are a fan of Oreos and space and always wanted to go to space- you may want to pay attention to the new “Space Dunk” Oreos hitting stores next week.

Now the actually Oreos aren’t out of this world in my opinion- instead of the normal white filling, they’ve got two pink and blue layers, along with “popping candy” mixed in but the sweepstakes involved with the cookies are what we are really interested in!

Oreos is running a sweepstakes where the grand prize winner gets to go to the EDGE OF SPACE. One person will get a seat on a Space Perspective flight “tentatively” scheduled for next year.  That’s the company that takes you up to 100,000 feet in what’s basically a giant hot air balloon.  So you’ll have a great view, but the lame part is you DON’T get to experience weightlessness. However, if this doesn’t sound like the trip for you how about this… in the terms and conditions if you win, you don’t HAVE to go to space.  You can choose to skip it and take $125,000 instead.  So what would you choose?  A trip to space or 125 grand?

You don’t need to buy the cookies either to enter.  Just go to LiftOff.Oreo.com

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