Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers keeps spoiling me…

This time with a chicken sandwich.  (Don’t tell my chickens)

The chicken sandwich is good and filling.  Go try one today!

Oh and I forgot to share this picture with you.  I took my sister, niece and nephew a few weeks ago.  My niece typically puts ketchup on her french fries.  She said the fries are so good you don’t need ketchup.  And she said the burger was the best burger ever.

If you haven’t tried the Cheese curds, I highly recommend them.  These are a favorite of mine.

What’s your favorite menu item from Freddy’s?

I wonder what they will bring me next???

There’s 2 Freddy’s locations…Rt. 17 and I95 or off Rt. 1 at Cowan in Fredericksburg.

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