Thanksgiving Debate: Is It “Stuffing” OR “Dressing”?

Happy National Stuffing Day! (Nov. 21st) A day that was to originally celebrate a pretty great Thanksgiving dish has now turned into a full on debate that is BREAKING FAMILIES APART!…. Okay, maybe it’s really not this serious but it has been the topic of a few heated conversations.

So here’s the question… what do you call the Thanksgiving dish that mixes bread crumbs, broth and seasoning? Stuffing or Dressing?

In my family, it was always called stuffing especially because, as seen in the “Goofy Thanksgiving special” (yes, this is where I get my facts from) – turkey is stuffed with stuffing depending on the cook, hence the phrase stuffing. I don’t know if that is completely accurate but that’s what my family is sticking with! Plus, I never heard the term “dressing” used for this dish until I moved out of Ohio as an adult.

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