The Age We Stop Being Cool Is….

A recent survey encompassing thousands of Americans unveiled that the average person hits the “cool” expiry date at the ripe age of… 39. That’s when many start feeling a bit disconnected from the latest trends.

The survey presented participants with a list of 10 different subjects, probing into their sense of disconnect with each. Here’s how they ranked:

  1. Slang takes the crown as the trickiest to keep up with, with 40% admitting to feeling entirely lost in the world of modern slang.
  2. Celebrities follow closely at 35%. Jacob Elordi? Emma Chamberlain? Ring any bells?
  3. The arts snag the third spot with 34% scratching their heads. Quick, name a famous artist from 2024 that isn’t Banksy.
  4. Fashion and books tie at 32%.
  5. Technology falls next at 26%, leaving a quarter of respondents feeling technologically adrift.
  6. Movies trail at 23%.
  7. Social media follows at 22%, with a sizable chunk admitting they’ve never ventured into the realm of TikTok.
  8. Music surprises with only 19% feeling entirely out of touch. (You’re welcome, America.)
  9. Food wraps up the list with just 8% feeling utterly clueless about the latest culinary trends.

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