The Christmas Decorations You Really Don’t Need

It is a tradition in my family to decorate our entire house and yes, we may go overboard on some things but we try to stick to traditional decorations (we leave going overboard for Halloween). Whether you are a fan of white lights or colored, real or fake tree, and a snow machine or not, everyone decorates how they think their homes will look good. With this being said, some people can go overboard with decorations and there are some decorations that are just not worth paying for this season or are kind of overrated.

LED lights ALL THE TIME- Look I am all for brightening up the night sky and making sure Santa can find your home, but when your lights are so bright that it could cause a major airplane issue or visibility issues when driving- then you have gone too far.

Let’s start with the 40 ft tall inflatables that are decorating every corner of some people’s yards. Maybe one is fine, not necessarily for the price, but to have multiple ones is like having a mini Disney character attraction in your front yard.

Syncing your house lights with music is a good idea in theory but does not always work out in the end. Not only do they not always sync up with the music, but cars driving by never know what the lights are really doing because they do not have the same station on in the car. Really it is just seizure disaster waiting to happen.

Finally, the projection lights of snow or ornaments on your house can never be seen. I love the idea of them and even my family had one for Halloween but they never show up well on the house and they kind of look cheap. Honestly, just save your money on those!

Hopefully this helps with your decorations for Christmas! Happy Decorating!


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