Gifts To Avoid This Christmas

Finding the perfect gift for someone during the holiday season can be VERY stressful and even after all the searching, you still may not get the right gift. Unfortunately I can’t help you find the “perfect” gift for that special someone but I can steer you away from what gifts you SHOULDN’T give.

We all have those gifts that we groan when getting in our stocking or under the tree each year and then immediately wonder if we can return them or honestly think the gift-giver wasted their money. So in order to avoid those awkward encounters on Christmas where you have to smile, nod and say how great a non-great gift is – let’s help all gift-givers out there!

Here is my list of the top 10 gifts to save your money on and avoid getting this Christmas- trust me, you and the gift receiver will thank me for this!

  1. Socks
  2. Bathing products (basically you are telling someone they stink. Just get them a gift card to Bath & Body Works or something)
  3. Gym Membership/equipment (unless they specifically ask for it!)
  4. Pets (Once again, unless specifically asked for because that is a whole project to take on)
  5. Calendars- We all have them on our phones
  6. Photo Frames
  7. Underwear
  8. Books (Even if you have a reader in the family, just get a gift  card. Its hard to pick out a book for someone who you think might like it and then its a waste of money because it just sits on a shelf collecting dust)
  9. Clothes (Unless you know their specific style, its a piece asked for or they are young children)
  10. Anything having to do with your car! (Trust me, it gets thrown in the trunk and never used anyway)

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