The Quest for Big Red Soda

I hate when I can’t find what I consider to be a simple, common product.  My wife and I like to have a Big Red soda now and then.  And when I say, “now and then”, I mean once a year or maybe 2 or 3 times a year.  Sometimes they are everywhere but recently, I can’t find them anywhere.  This happens regularly to my wife when she finds something she likes.  She’ll pick a breakfast cereal she likes, in a few months they are GONE from the shelves.  She’ll pick a deodorant, salad dressing and more but before you know it, the product or even the entire company goes away.

I’ve had some co-workers and others in my circle direct me to a few non-mainstream grocery stores that may carry Big Red but so far, I struck out.  My wife did a search and found, “They have it at Walmart”.  No, they don’t.  I looked.   The only place we found Big Red was on a recent trip to Mission Barbecue.  (‘Love their food BTW).   After striking out at every grocery store I checked, I actually went back to Mission Barbecue to grab a few bottles.

While they DID have a few bottles of Big Red in stock chillin’ in the ice of the monster cooler, I found it a little pricey when they rang be up for $12 to buy 3 bottles.  $4 a bottle?!!! Yowie.  So, if you know of a grocery store, out of the way convenience store or any other outlet that sells Big Red, please let me know.   BTW: If you know of other hard-to-find items that you’ve got a line on, share them too.

Big Red on ice


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