Things That Should Have Been Solved By Now

By now we should have at least found a way to make fitted sheets easier to fold, or to improve the audio-quality of fast-food drive-thru speakers, right? With the amazing things humans have done, why haven’t we solved some of the simple things by now? For example…

  1. Shopping carts with wheels that easily break or get stuck. It’s a cart! Can’t be that hard!
  2. TV remotes and appliances with text printed ON the buttons where it doesn’t wear off with use over time.
  3. The plastic fasteners that hold new socks together. They can be difficult to remove without damaging the socks. This goes for other clothing as well.
  4. Why can’t power cords on everything that needs to be plugged in ALL be retractable? Seriously, from toasters to lamps to coffee makers to fans, all of them should be.
  5. A lot of packaging could also be improved. Some of it makes sense, but how about bacon packaging that can be resealable without needing another bag, cereal packaging with a zip-top…and maybe package hard taco shells in a way where you don’t BREAK the shells trying to get them out.

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