You know you are old when…

I am definitely feeling like an outcast this morning. You know the phrase, “You know you are old when you have aches and pains just getting out of bed”? Well, now we have a specific age assigned to when you are supposed to start feeling aches and pains and let me just say, I am older than I thought I was.

A new poll found the average person starts feeling aches and pains at age 37.  That’s when your back starts barking and your knees start to buckle. 37?!  This really can’t be right. If it is, it means I am way older than I thought because I have been dealing with aches and pains for YEARS, since I was in high school and I am far off from 37! Dang, what a thing to wake up to this morning.

So next question, where are most aches and pains occurring?  The top three spots where older Americans have pain right now are their legs, neck, and shoulders. Once again I am not “older” Americans but already have all of these aches. And interestingly enough, all those aches and pains are slowing us down too.  When we wake up sore, it takes us an average of seven extra minutes to get ready in the morning.

So I guess if you thought you were young and just realized like me you have been having aches and pains longer than expected, welcome to the older club.

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