Thoughts On Kansas City From This Morning’s Show

I wanted to share some responses from our listeners after the tragic events yesterday in Kansas City. You can’t apply reason to unreasonable acts, and it’s impossible to get your head around. However, not addressing it- that’s not the answer either.  This morning I asked if you find yourself more aware at gatherings these days, do you find yourself keeping your head on a swivel? How do you talk to your kids when these things happen?

We can all learn from each other, so here are some thoughts that came in to our show this morning:

Beth –  Years ago i wouldn’t think twice about my surroundings at an event. I’d party with the best of  them and not really care about anything but a good time. But now, as we have so many of these tragic unpredictable events i definitely pay more attention to what’s going on around me. HOWEVER, I refuse to let it keep me from doing things like going to festivals, parades, concerts all of it- but it has definitely made me take stock of what is happening around me and keep my head on straight at all times.

Tim – We talk with our kids about things like awareness, and if you see anything that seems off to tell someone immediately. It is really tough to have to teach kids about this stuff, but I think it actually helps because it gives them something concrete that feels like a plan instead of just saying be careful.

Terry – I wish my kids could grow up the way I did, I think about it every time there’s a tragedy like yesterday. We didn’t have a care in the world when I was little, of course bad things happened, but not like the world today. I am much more aware and pay so much more attention to things when I’m in a crowd than I ever used too. not just like big events, but even like your caller said earlier if I’m just pumping gas or at the store. I teach my kids to do the same. Thoughts with KC.




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