Tiffany Kay’s App of the Week: “Cooklist”

Each week, I will be reviewing different apps I have found to be helpful in my everyday life that I believe could be beneficial to others. They will all be free because I am frugal and don’t like to spend money on things like apps. So let’s start off this week with the newest app I have found that helps me where I need it most – in the kitchen.

I ran across the “Cooklist” app about a week ago and what I love about this helpful cooking app is it serves so many purposes in one. So here’s what you do- the “Cooklist” app allows you to connect with your typical grocery store account and puts all your recent purchases into your virtual pantry. Now I will say unless it’s a big brand store- you wont find your local grocery stores on the app so you enter all your products manually into your pantry. BUT- they do make it easy with a barcode scanner, so you can just scan all your products into that virtual pantry.

Once in the pantry, your app will keep track of all product information including when you are running low on products or they are coming close to being expired! The app will automatically add the products to your grocery list and compare prices from different stores when shopping. Now, that is not the only thing the “Cooklist” app will do. I was originally drawn to the app for the recipes aspect. The “Cooklist” app will help you take advantage of what you already have in your pantry and show you what recipes you can make with the things in your home- helping to save you money from always having to run to the store while allowing to use what you have at home to the fullest potential. The app will also show what products you can substitute for different products. Now if you are just looking for new recipes and willing to make that grocery list a little longer, you can save the recipes in the app to your grocery list so you know exactly what you need when going to the store.

Best part of this app? “Cooklist” app is free!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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