Myth Busting

I feel like I am on Myth Busters… without the fun part of blowing things up of course. Myths seem to follow us wherever we go, whether they are superstitions, fact or just plain nonsense, we all seem to be pretty gullible to believing some of these. It’s time to bust some of these myths.

You swallow EIGHT spiders a year when you sleep…
FALSE: Thank God! I honestly thought this one was true growing up and it stemmed from my hatred for spiders and I wasn’t alone! 1 in 5 Americans believe this myth to be true!

Drinking alcohol before bed helps you sleep…
WRONG: 32% of people may believe this to be true and although you probably pass out after drinking a little too much, you really wake up feeling less rested.

Leaving the TV on helps you fall asleep…
You probably guessed the answer to this one…NOPE. Although some people claim that it helps them fall asleep, research has proven that the blue light effect keeps you awake. Unless you have some of those “cool” blue light glasses.

The older you get, the less sleep you need…
HAHAHA If this is true, I am not adulting well… Thankfully, it is INCORRECT. Although, we all my think that you need the most sleep when you are a kid, you actually should be getting more as an adult. Coffee doesn’t always do the trick unfortunately.

Sleeping on your left side helps with digestion…
Ummm, I have never heard this one but it is FALSE. Many articles online claim it’s true (cause you know, nothing on the internet is ever wrong) but it has not been proven that sleeping on one side or the other will help with digestion… good thing, because if so I sleep on the wrong side.

What’s a myth that you have busted?

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