Tired of Coffee? Try Caffeinated BBQ Sauce!

If you’re tired of getting your caffeine fix from coffee, there’s a new option for you. How about waking up with a rack of ribs?

5-Hour Energy has just unveiled a new summer product: caffeinated barbecue sauce.

It’s uncertain if they’ll sell it, but they’re giving away 12-ounce bottles through their website. Here’s the link: https://5hourenergy.com./products/5-hour-energy-inspired-bbq-sauce.

The first release was yesterday, and it sold out. However, there will be three more drops on July 2nd, July 9th, and July 16th, all on the next three Tuesdays.

There’s only one flavor, “Peach Mango.” So, if you’re not into fruity flavors or don’t want your dinner keeping you up at night, this may not be for you.

Each serving contains 60 milligrams of caffeine, roughly equivalent to a weak cup of coffee. For comparison, an average cup has 95 milligrams, and a can of Coke has 34 milligrams.

Their press release mentions this as part of their plan to “redefine what 5-hour Energy is and can be.” They’re excited to be the first energy brand to offer a “caffeinated sauce” that helps you “stay focused and keep the party going.”

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