Today Is National “Wear Your Life Jacket To Work” Day

Did you know that this is an actual national day? Neither did I until I spoke with our friends at  Friends of the Rappahannock all about Boater Safety Month. So here’s the information you need to know. 

If you see people walking around wearing their life jackets today, they probably didn’t just come from the river. In fact, they are trying to promote river safety as we enter into the busy season on the river. The number one thing you can do to stay safe is to WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET. The idea of this day is to bring about a conversation with friends, family, co-workers, strangers all about being safe on the river and wearing that life jacket.

Before anyone says “life jackets are dorky,” “they are ugly,” “they won’t look good in my Instagram photo,” etc. You are definitely missing the point of staying safe on the river, these jackets can LITERALLY save your life. Plus, I would like to point out that nowadays, life jackets don’t always look like the old ugly orange ones of the past. There are preservers in every different color, size and comfortability and even ones with your favorite cartoon characters on them! So see you can be fashionable while staying safe.

Steve and I have joined the cause of promoting river safety this season by wearing our life jackets. Will you?

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