Tree Down by Todd’s Tavern

You see the weirdest things on the way to the Fred Nat’s game.  On the way to the stadium from my house off of Robert E. Lee, there was nothing in the roadway hindering progress at all.  On the way back, there was a gigantic tree across the roadway a few hundred yards from Todd’s Tavern and Market.   How is that possible?  We’ve all seen news stories of people being in the right place at the wrong time where a tree that has been there for 100 years falls at the exact moment a car or motorcycle passes by ending badly for the driver.

I was on my way to the ballgame on Sunday when evidently just after I passed by on Catharpin road, huge tree fell right across the road.  On my way back home, everyone was stopped and the car in front of me was turning around in a driveway so I waited and then did the same move.  I keep non-emergency numbers in my phone so I can report things like this to the police (or in this case, the County Sheriff) without tying up their 911 line.

This time of year, you see a lot of trees leaning over the road and you never know when they are going to let go.  My wife was pointing out some trees in the woods behind our house that she’s concerned about.  While there are a couple that are leaning, they don’t look threatening yet but I will be making the call to my buddies at Top Notch Tree service soon.  Luckily, these are trees that are 75 feet tall or so but they’re 100 feet or more from our house.

The previous owners of our house cut down a bunch of trees in the woods but LEFT all of the firewood behind.  I guess I should appreciate that but now when I cut down a tree, I’ve got that much more to get rid of.  Luckily we now have a firepit so we’ll see how long it takes me to burn through all of this.


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