‘Tried Tick Repellent?

My little world is so weird and it is filled with new things every day.  The latest is tick spray.  I didn’t know this existed.  My wife has been treating her horses for flies and the cats for fleas and ticks but I’ve never needed anything like this.  But because I’m getting rid of a lot of the fallen trees in the woods behind our house, I find myself in the woods where more often than not, I come back with a critter…  or twelve.

Tick 4mm from Polish

Since I wasn’t looking forward to wearing a flea and tick collar like the dog, I thought I’d do a search and see if modern science has something for humans that works.  To my surprise, they do.  In fact, it must be a big business for the number of choices available.  

I try to buy local and avoid getting things from Amazon but in a weak moment, I ordered this online and arrived in a day.  The bad part was that the package leaked everywhere.  I contacted Amazon about returning this and fully expected them to say, “If it’s leaking, just keep it and we’ll send another”.  But no, they wanted the leaky bottle back so it’s been returned.  Our entire garage smells like your grandmother’s purse now.  I don’t know why ticks don’t like the smell of peppermint but that seems to be the scent that drives them away.  

Years ago, I had to do a lengthy stay at a hotel for work and thought there was a bed bug infestation.  That turned out to be a false alarm but my wife sent me some spray that also smelled like peppermint.  

Tick Spray 2

Normally I wouldn’t bother with stuff like this.  I’m not camping out in the woods but I do spend a lot of time out there and I really don’t want to pick up any more ticks.  I’ve been hauling in more ticks than a clock shop.  I’ve been prepping an area of our yard for grass seed recently and after crawling around on the wet grass for half an hour hooking up a harrow, it occurred to me that this too is an ideal time for a tick to get a free sample of dork-blood.  This genius here is working in the yard but the tick spray I just bought is 500 yards away in the garage.  

I don’t yet know if this stuff will work or not.  If you have experience with tick spray or have another way to keep them away, please let me know.   My wife tells me they should put a warning label on the bag when I donate blood so the person receiving a pint from me won’t be left wondering why they can’t dance, they really like aviation and they dress funny now.  These poor ticks are in for something equally weird and puzzling.   That’ll teach ’em.   

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