Virginia LOVES eggnog.  Spiked?

A new study from Wealth of Geeks came out this week that shows Virginians will knock down 7.5 million glasses of eggnog through the Christmas season.  You might think we’re leading the league in eggnog consumption but we’re not even close to finishing in the money on this.  Numbers are funny when you finish the equation.  They figured out 2:42 PM is the time to have an eggnog.  When they averaged out how many people have one in the evening and some enjoy a ‘nog after lunch or at other times of the day, it came out to 2:42 PM.  Vermont is #1, followed by Alaska and a tie between Iowa and Oklahoma.

Eggnog with cinnamon in glasses on wooden background with Christmas decor, homemade traditional festive drink for Christmas time.

Some people like to spike their eggnog.  I remember being at a big angelic Christmas tree event years ago where we were pouring cups of eggnog for the guests.  One guy attempting to be funny came to our table and asked if they were spiked or not.  I said, one tray is filled with spiked eggnog and the other is not.  Naturally he asked, “Which ones are the spiked ones?”   I got such a kick out of looking at him with a puzzled expression on my face and saying, “Oh crap.  We should have been keeping track of that, huh?”   I still laugh when I think of this guy believing we were just giving spiked eggnog to everyone.  “Here kids.  Knock one of these back.  It’s almost nap time anyway.  Mom and Dad want one too.

You can find out about the eggnog consumption and more from Freshly Ground Media [email protected]

The drunkest states for eggnog are North Dakota, New Jersey and Montana.


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