Virginians Can’t Spell THIS Word?

With the Scripps Spelling Bee finals tomorrow night, Google decided to look at the top words ordinary Americans struggle with based off the number of times the words were searched on google for spelling help. They didn’t stop there though. Google broke down the list by state and let me just tell you, some of these are embarrassing to admit we don’t know how to spell. Especially Virginia’s.

According to Google Trends, the most commonly misspelled word for Virginians is….. SAID. Yeah, you read that right. One of the most common words in the English dictionary apparently we can’t spell. I would like to give us more credit though and say that this list is wrong but who knows.

As for some of the other commonly misspelled words?

1.  California can’t spell the word “pretty.”

2.  New Mexico can’t spell “quiet.”

3.  North Dakota’s dirty secret is they can’t spell “secret.”

4.  Kansas struggles with “chaos.”

5.  Oklahoma doesn’t know how to spell “animal.”

6.  Michigan can’t spell “cousin.”

7.  Ohio can’t spell “equal.”

8.  Tennessee can’t spell “field.”

9.  Maine can’t spell “heard” with an “A”.  Like, “I heard you”.  A “herd of cattle” doesn’t have the “A”.

10.  Wisconsin can’t spell “ally.”

Apparently we all need to go back to spelling school.

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