Want To Fall Asleep Faster?

Most of us probably brush our teeth before going to bed right?  KNOWLEDGE DROP: if you struggle with falling asleep, it might be worth considering a change. I tried this and it actually worked!

Certainly, avoiding skipping this essential step to prevent earning the “gross person” label is important. However, adjusting the timing of your brushing routine might be beneficial.

If you find that it takes a considerable amount of time for you to fall asleep, your bedtime rituals, including when you brush your teeth, could play a role. Activities right before bedtime, such as brushing, washing your face, or even exposing yourself to bright light in the bathroom, can momentarily awaken you and signal to your body that it’s not yet time to sleep.

A helpful suggestion is to perform these activities about 30 minutes to an hour before your usual bedtime. This way, you can transition directly to bed and get to sleepville faster.

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