Welcome to September

I was surprised to see Halloween decorations in July but more stunned today when I saw the first Christmas display as I walked into Costco.  For a moment, I could feel guilt coming over me for being late putting up my Labor Day tree.  By the way, it’s not just the trees that are on sale.  Yard decorations, nativity scenes, snowmen and more.  Shoppers in flip flops and tank tops were seen leaving Costco with reindeer.

Welcome to September

This year, let’s all put the number of days until Christmas at the end of EVERY social media post.  That way, when it’s December 21st and people are again saying, “Can you believe it’s Christmas already?” you can say, “Yes.  I’ve been posting updates for months”.  I think the boxes of valentines are right behind the reindeer.  And look.  There are rabbit ears sticking out of that box.

Putting up my Labor Day tree

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