What Do We REALLY Want In Hotels?

Summer vacation time is almost here! According to a recent surveys, the number one requirement for the “perfect hotel” is not cleanliness or great customer service…it’s blazing-fast Wi-Fi!  70% of travelers say it’s essential for an enjoyable trip. Here’s a rundown of the top ten must-have amenities for the ideal hotel experience, how does this stack up against your must haves?

  1. High-speed Wi-Fi
  2. Luxurious king-sized bed
  3. Smart TV for entertainment
  4. Convenient proximity to local attractions
  5. On-site restaurant for dining convenience
  6. Access to a fitness center (though let’s be real, how many of us actually use it?)
  7. Seamless online check-in and check-out services
  8. Private hot tub for relaxation
  9. Personal bathtub (because who wants to share a communal tub, right?)
  10. Indulgent spa facilities

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