What Happens At Age 42…

For those who feel more negative as they age, the average person starts feeling more sour at…42. Recently, some of the most irritating issues have been grocery prices, politicians, and A.I.

As we enter a new season, it can be a time for optimism—or perhaps more grumbling about inflation and politics.

For those who do board the grumpy train at 42 (some of us earlier!) here are the top 10 complaints:

  1. Grocery prices
  2. Politicians
  3. Other people’s driving
  4. Crowds
  5. Weather
  6. Customer service
  7. Social media trends
  8. “Tipping culture”
  9. Music they don’t like
  10. TV volume being too loud

Other irritants that made the top 20 include ticket prices, A.I., computer issues, tech billionaires, parking, and movies being too dark.

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