What is YOUR Thanksgiving Tradition?

Thanksgiving, a cherished holiday, is just around the corner. For many, this day is about more than just a hearty feast; it’s a time to embrace and celebrate cherished traditions that bring families and friends together.

This leads to a natural question: What is your Thanksgiving tradition?

For some, it may involve the meticulous preparation of a family recipe passed down through generations, others might have a tradition of volunteering at local charities, spreading the spirit of gratitude by giving back to the community. Perhaps your family has a special ritual, like going around the table and expressing what each person is thankful for or the traditions is to see who is fighting over the last piece of pumpkin pie!

For my family, the tradition happens after Thanksgiving where we make a big hoopla before officially turning on the Christmas lights for the season! My mom goes all out and its pretty awesome. So what is yours? Think about it and maybe you are creating a brand new one this year which is great! Whatever it is, make sure to be present and enjoy the day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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