Who’s The Bigger Baby When Sick…Men Or Women?

In the battle of the sniffles, it seems the genders are throwing down their used tissues and declaring a winner. A long overdue research project probed the age-old question: Who’s the bigger drama queen when it comes to being sick, men or women?

The results are in, and it turns out that 53% of women would rather be left alone in their fortress of tissues, while 47% of men are just out here looking for a sympathetic audience. Not to be outdone, guys are proudly flaunting their sick status on social media, with 29% posting the ultimate “I’m sick” selfie. Ladies, however, are rolling their eyes (between sneezes) because a whopping 80% of them seem to handle being sick with more grace than the fellas.

So, argument settled. Anyone surprised? Nope.

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