Wine & Dessert event?  Brought home a barn?

My wife and I went to the Wine & Dessert event at the convention center.  I figured we’d try a few desserts, I’d turn up my nose at the wine (since I’m more of a beer guy) and we’d be done.  Little did I know that we weren’t taking home a treat.  No, we took home a shed. …And a BARN!!!.  But for these two new buildings to have a place to land, we’d need to have some land cleared.  My new buddies at Top Notch Tree Service got us hooked up in no time.

Clear 1

Our house came with a shed and these guys expertly dropped trees that are over 50 feet tall without coming close to the existing shed.  This shed is getting moved to another part of the property but on land-clearing day, it was still here next to the area they were clearing.

Clear 2

They even missed the hay stack.  The hay stored under this tarp will be moved to the little barn my wife bought but for now, it’s just stored here.

Clear 3

I have a chainsaw and I love when I get a chance to play with it.  But this project needed the pros and these guys were great.

Clear 4

When the NEW shed and barn arrive, the builders have agreed to move this little shed to it’s new home and drop the two new buildings here in the newly cleared area.

Clear 5
Clear 6
Clear 7
Clear 8
Clear 9
Clear 10

We’re trying to keep as many trees as we can.  We LOVE the neighborhood and all of the houses being separated by hundreds of trees.  We were afraid of taking out too many trees to the point of being able to see our neighbors’ houses but I think when it greens up in the spring, we should be good.  While I joke about taking sand to the beach, we may end up planting a few trees to maintain the look of the woods that are well preserved by the HOA.

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