A Hole-Less Bagel?

Move over, traditional bagels – there’s a hole new sensation in town! Philadelphia Cream Cheese has flipped the bagel game on its head by introducing HOLE-LESS bagels. That’s right, a bagel without the iconic center void, leaving us questioning the very essence of bagelness. It’s not a bagel hole, it’s a bagel whole! This marketing marvel is popping up in shops across five cities, and it’s not just a quirky carb alteration; it’s a hole conspiracy. The cream cheese overlords claim it’s an improvement, arguing that without the hole, there’s more real estate for that glorious schmear. Each bagel shop is putting its unique spin on the hole-less wonder, making it clear that this is less of a groundbreaking product and more of a doughy diversion. So, grab your spreading knife and dive into the perplexing world of bagels that defy convention – or don’t. I’m sticking with the original, a bagel needs a hole I say!

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