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23 Weeks Down And Just 29 More To Go…

Blurry of running sport shoes at the gym while a young caucasian woman is having jogging on the treadmill

Hey Walkers!!!!  Karlina, Mary, Tammy, Kristen, Angel, Molly, Erin, Lisa, Tracey, Sonya, Therese, Barbara, Stephanie, Terrie, Sandra, Cindy, Ronda, Robyn, Rachel, Lita, Ellen, Dee, Sharon, Kim, Amanda, Betsy, and Tammy!!!!

Whether you’ve been walking since January 1st or just started walking yesterday we can do this!  We are all doing this together to inspire and support one another.

I’ve been walking everyday and then this weekend I ended up pulling a muscle while gardening.  So, I’ve had to take a bit of a break the last few days.

Here’s how I did for the last 7 days:

Wednesday, 6/3- 15 min @1/2 mile

Thursday, 6/4- 20 min @0.7 miles

Friday, 6/5- 30 min @1 mile

Saturday, 6/6- 20 min @0.7 miles

Sunday, 6/7- 20 min @0.7 miles

Monday, 6/8- 0- recovering from pulled muscle

Tuesday, 6/9- 0- recovering from pulled muscle

*Please contact your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Email me how you are doing at [email protected] or let’s be friends on Facebook and Instagram.

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